This is the resource page for software developed by OptiNav, Inc. including microphone array beamforming software and some ImageJ plugins. The main web site for OptiNav, Inc. is

Introduction and Training

  • BeamformX videos

    BeamformX Software and Documentation

    Near-real-time and post-processing user application for SIG ACAM acoustic cameras.

  • Download new BeamformX: Amazon java, Wind tunnel Mach, CPU management. Uploaded August 29, 2022
  • Download the last stable version of BeamformX, posted March 2, 2021
  • Download latest BeamformX manual
  • BeamformX version history

    Beamform Interactive Software

    Post-processing software for microphone arrays and acoustic cameras. License and significant training required. Contact Bob Dougherty (425) 891-4883 for more information.


    Documentation for a C library to build Quantitative Beamforming into acoustic camera software.

  • Download BFLIB API

    Open Source ImageJ Plugins

    Mostly used for analyzing microscope images in biology. Some support utilities for Beamform Interactive are included.

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