OptiNav Real Time Beamforming Software Downloads
  • BeamformX6017.exe Version 6.017
  • BeamformX6016.exe Version 6.016
  • BeamformX6015.exe Version 6.015
  • BeamformX6014.exe Version 6.014 (Bug: distorted pictures)
  • BeamformX6013.exe Version 6.013
  • BeamformX6010.exe Version 6.010
  • BeamformX6008.exe Version 6.008
  • BeamformX6007.exe Version 6.007
  • BeamformX6006.exe Version 6.006
  • BeamformX6005.exe Version 6.005
  • BeamformX6004.exe Version 6.004
  • BeamformX5102.exe Version 5.102
  • BeamformX5101.exe Version 5.101a
  • DroneHound003.exe Version 0.3
  • DroneHound001.exe Version 0.1
  • BeamformX5005.exe Version 5.005
  • BeamformX5004.exe Version 5.004 (experimental)
  • BeamformX5003.exe Version 5.003 (experimental)
  • BeamformX5002.exe Version 5.002
  • BeamformX Manual for Version 5.002
  • BeamformX5001.exe Version 5.001
  • BeamformX5000.exe Version 5.000
  • BeamformX4300.exe Version 4.300
  • BeamformX4202.exe Version 4.202
  • BeamformX4201.exe Version 4.201
  • BeamformX4200.exe Version 4.200
  • BeamformX4100.exe Version 4.100 (experimental)
  • BeamformX.exe Version 4.005
  • BeamformX4004.exe Version 4.004
  • BeamformX4003.exe Version 4.003
  • BeamformX4002.exe Version 4.002
  • BeamformX4001.exe Version 4.001
  • BeamformX31.exe Version 3.1
  • BeamformX3045.exe Version 3.045
  • BeamformX3044.exe Version 3.044
  • BeamformX3043.exe Version 3.043
  • BeamformX3037.exe Version 3.037
  • BeamformX3036.exe Version 3.036
  • BeamformX3035.exe Version 3.035
  • BeamformX3034.exe Version 3.034
  • BeamformX3033.exe Version 3.033
  • Plots showing the resolution of OptiNav BF (QB)
  • BeamformX Manual for Version 5.002
  • BeamformX Manual for Version 4.200
  • BeamformX Manual for Version 4.003
  • OptiNav, Inc.
  • OptiNav Software resources
  • BeamformX Versions:
    Check out the BeamformX forum at https://www.optinav.com/forum/beamformx Expanded versions of these notes will appear there.
    6.017: 8/252023 Fixed bug that disabled "Partition ROIs". Added more diagnostics to "Show connection log" startup option.
    6.016: 6/8/2023 Still more speed. Fixes bug that could corrupt data with ACAM 120 when CPU light was on. Still at least partly ready for ACAM 140.
    6.015: 5/16/2023 Greatly improved speed. 24 or 30 FPS with 1280 pixels should be possible. At least partly ready for ACAM 140.
    6.014: 5/14/2023 Withdrawn. Replaced with 6.015
    6.013: 7/29/2022 Robust Java options. Wind tunnel Mach, CPU management
    6.010: 7/22/2021 Uses Amazon Java (Only!). Startup option for 1280 pixel images. Indicates external devices connected.
    Does not connect to an array using Oracle Java. 6.008: 3/2/2021 Changed "Limit to ROI" to avoid single spot in the ROI center at low frequency. May also change low frequency integrals.
    6.007: 9/19/2020 Fixed a bug that caused the maximum frequency of the Spectrogram to always be 10 kHz.
    6.006: 6/14/2020 Fixed a bug that caused an error on startup when switching from connected array to file input.
    6.005: 5/22/2020 Fixed a bug that caused spectral curves to be offset from correct levels when showing Spectrum = 0(all)
    6.004: 4/21/2020 Internet control of binary recording, See "Trigger/Start communication for Log Stop Pause Resume"
    Also in version 6: Adaptive Projection Beamforming and loading new .bin files.
    5.102: 10/01/2019 Fixed bug that clicking on spectrum did not always change the frequency. Added drone mode as a choice
    on the startup dialog.
    5.101a: 8/26/2019 Compensation for microphone frequency response. Better narrowband spectra from ROI. Improved dBA calculation
    and 20 Hz - 20 kHz dBA from center of ROI. Can plot all microphone spectra.
    Version 5.101a, 9/24/2019, corrects a packaging error that kept version 5.101 from starting.
    DH003: 8/25/2019 Another round of tuning.
    DH001: 7/5/2019 Initial draft version of DroneHound software. Untested.
    5.005: 5/16/2019 Settings for overload light adjusted. Now shows yellow for 96-102 dB OASPL.
    5.004: 5/6/2019 Experimental. High pass filter for sound output now optional. Wider range of gain and better math for audio.
    Active focusing checkbox removed to make space for the high pass fiter checkbox.
    5.003: 5/5/2019 Experimental. High pass filter for sound output. OASPL output table. Overload light. Shows median
    A-weighted SPL over 20 Hz - 20 kHz. Fixes bug that caused ROI to fail (crash) when some mics were judged to be dead.
    5.002: 12/16/2018 Restores the "Limit to ROI" checkbox which was removed in v 5.000. A new algorithm is used for the limiting.
    5.001: 12/8/2018 Usability improvements: integral not computed if there is no ROI, option to abort frequency sweep.
    5.000: 12/4/2018 New version of ROI "integration". Much more quantitative beamforming spectra, including from extended coherent sources.
    4.300: 10/11/2018 Improved performance over 200-700 Hz. Bug fix: frequency change glitch. Display shows version number (but incorrectly in this case).
    4.202: 10/8/2018 Fixes spectrum crash bug. Fixes bug that the frequency would not update when BX was paused.
    4.201: 9/3/2018 Keeps windows at least partly on screen when changing from a larger to a smaller display.
    "Skip seconds" option when reading .bin files is functional now.
    Camera preferences are now saved when exiting after using a .bin file.
    4.200: 7/5/2018 Restores camera dialog (missing in v. 4.011). Fixes bug that recorded .bin files from ACAM 120 were
    processed assuming a sample rate of 50 kHz instead of 51.2 kHz. Adds pulse TTL tachometer interface. Adds triggered .bin recording.
    4.100: 5/23/2018 Adds Chinese and German languages.
    4.005: 4/27/2018 Freeze bug probably fixed.
    4.004: 4/17/2018 (Experimental) Fix freeze bug. Settings options for legend location or no legend. Read sample rate from .bin files.
    4.003: 1/11/2018 Better scaling of dialogs.
    4.002: 1/5/2018 Remembers Spectrum size and location in between runs.
    4.001: 1/3/2018 Better noise rejection and better performance of backnoise noise cancellation.
    3.1: 1/3/2018 Temporary version with a "Zap" checkbox.
    3.045: 12/31/2017 Added background noise cancellation: "set BKG" to set and "xBKG" to apply.
    3.044: 11/14/2017 Improved fisheye display; now extends all to way to horizon in all directions.
    Improved "Settings/Contrast/Extra (maximum effort)". Increased resolution.
    3.043: 10/18/2017 Release for new SIG array, ACAM 120 (also supports ACAM 100).
    3.037: 9/18/2017 Adds a checkbox "Show connection log" to the startup dialog that may help troubleshoot
    startup problems with a connected array. Sample output: Connectionlog.txt
    3.036: 7/8/2017 Active measures to prevent 14 second freeze problem. Should run on slow or distracted computers.
    3.035: 7/5/2017 Different packaging. Appears to be less prone to the 14 second freeze problem.
    3.034: 6/19/2017 Improved internal memory management for OptiNav BF. No clear performance change.
    3.033: 6/4/2017 Reformatted checkboxes in Settings dialog.
    3.032: 6/3/2017 Bug fixes: Choosing Track RPM (in Engine order mode) now causes a track operation right away.
    Corrected an error in conventional beamforming (i.e., not selecting OptiNav BF) that caused the
    levels to be too low and altered the resolution of the conventional beamform map.
    3.031: 5/27/2017 Restores Display ROI behavior to version 3: no effect on beamforming unless "Limit to ROI" is selected
    Change was needed because active ROI in versions 3.02 and 3.03 was interfering with Inhibit and Partition modes.
    Added a new Contrast choice, Low, to show weak sources in some cases without using an ROI or Inhibit mode.
    3.03: 5/26/2017 Parallax error in version 3.02 fixed.
    3.02: 5/23/2017 Bug fixes: Auto Scale range loaded from preferences file. Top level of color scale shown
    more accurately in Auto Scale. Changing Resolution no longer shifts the bf map slightly.
    Improvements: New Camera image choices: Color, Edges.
    9 new Color scales.
    Much improved resolution in Low and Normal resolution settings.
    New Settings choice: Contrast (Normal, Extra, Lots) Sometimes improves resolution.
    New bug discovered 5/26: severe parallax error for small z. Do not use.
    3.00: 5/6/2017 Many new features including adjustable resolution, Engine Order/RPM tracking, and multiple ROIs.
    2.176: 4/25/2017 Experimental version. Higher sensitivity for Filtering ROI results.
    2.175: 4/25/2017 Experimental version. Calculation improvements. Better resolution. Better ROI behavior.
    Sharper button removed (no longer needed).
    2.174: 4/23/2017 Experimental version. Limit to ROI checkbox. ROIs for inhibiting sources from selected regions.
    2.17: 4/20/2017 "Noise reduction mode" is improved and always applied, no longer optional.
    A new "High sensitivity" checkbox in the Settings dialog helps to locate weak sources.
    Frequency Sweep now has an option for a number of time steps, giving a time-frequency sweep.
    The Display, Spectrogram, and Spectrum windows can be resized by dragging the corners.
    The scroll bars on the Control dialog are more visible on Windows 10.
    The Control dialog has a new button "ROIs" that opens the ROIs dialog giving many ways to specify and edit several ROIs.
    The Control dialog also has checkbox "ROI mode". Selecting this causes the Display to show a single
    SPL value for each ROI. These values are also listed in results tables (title either "Peak list" or "Roi integrals")
    2.15: 3/25/2017 Replaced "Diagonal Optimization" with "Noise reduction mode." Should be faster and better.
    2.14: 2/22/2017 Fixed bug that sometimes caused extra spots at 270°, 0° and 90° in fisheye view.
    2.13: 1/29/2017 Bug fixes: Deselecting "Show camera" no longer prevents binary recording.
    ROI on fisheye Display selects correct location for focused spectrum and playback.
    Moving ROI on Display in paused mode updates focusing point.
    2.12: 1/05/2017 Camera dialog changes: option for fisheye grid; option to not show camera image.
    Fixed bug that caused incorrect x,y values in peak table with magnified view.
    2.11: 12/10/2016 Improved calculation for OptiNav beamforming: better resolution and dynamic range.
    2.10: 11/28/2016 Improved "Sharpen" function, especially for low frequency.
    2.091: 11/21/2016 Removed a diagnostic print that is not shown anyway. Probably unimportant change.
    2.09: 11/20/2016 Redefines the Sharper button to be more robust with multiple sources. This mode
    compromises level accuracy to achieve higher resolution. Only functions when OptiNav
    beamforming is selected. Can give very low levels with tones.
    2.08: 11/17/2016 Improved calculation for OptiNav Beamforming: better resolution and stability.
    2.07: 9/20/2016 Separate dialog for camera parameters. Includes option for image reflections.
    Sound gain setting value in dB shown. Now it also affects .mp4 output videos.
    New dialog for Air Properties (temperature and, for wind tunnel, Mach No.)
    Error reporting when trying to read invalid binary log file. 2.06: 8/28/2016 Two new optical parameters: "Field of View Magnification Factor" (suggest 1.4 or 3)
    and "Undistortion Factor" (suggest 1.2)
    Access by selecting "Show camera optical parameters in Settings" on the startup dialog.
    2.05: 8/04/2016 Fixed a thread instability bug that could cause hangs.
    Camera preferences load from log files.
    2.04: 7/02/2016 Remembers window locations. Option for video output with no sound.
    2.03: 5/11/2016 Fixed bug introduced in v. 2.02 that disabled arrow keys in Spectrogram.
    2.02: 4/19/2016 Right-click to save image or stop/start binary log. Tiff output. Format changes.
    2.01: 3/23/2016 Option to "Wait for beamforming". More flexible Log. More accurate frame time.
    2.00: 2/26/2016 Option for Diagonal Optimization (BeBeC-2016-S2)
    1.99: 2/4/2016 Can change transform length on startup dialog.
    1.98: 1/29/2016 Bug fix: Spectrum freeze after frequency sweep.
    1.97: 1/29/2016 A-weighting. Frequency sweeps.
    1.96: 1/22/2016 Better stability with tone data. Integral redefined to sum sources.
    1.94: 1/14/2016 Higher resolution and better beamforming peak accuracy.
    1.93: 1/13/2016 Quantitative beamforming peak levels.
    1.92: 1/8/2016 No longer necessary to press Enter after changing z or frequency box value.
    1.91: 1/7/2016 Bug fixes: updates after Settings changes, handling short decay times.
    1.90: 1/7/2016 Higher resolution, improved robustness, higher dynamic range.
    1.81: 12/22/2015 More flexibility in playing recorded (.bin) files.