Authors: Wayne Rasband, Bob Dougherty, Tony Collins, Audrey Karperian and Ulrik Stervbo
Installation: Remove any old copies of Multi Measure files from the plugins folder and download Multi_Measure.jar or into the Plugins folder.
Description: ImageJ plugin for simultaneous measurements on several ROIs in a stack. This capability was requested by Kurt M. Scudder.

ImageJ's built in Analyze>Tools>ROI Manager... has the ability to make measurements on several ROIs at once.   When this is applied to a stack of images, the results are displayed serially, with one measurement per row in the results table.  This measurement data format may not be convenient importing into a spreadsheet program.

This plugin, Multi-Measure, began as an early version ROI Manager with a new button added: "Multi."  The new button performs the same function as "Measure" in ROI Manager, except the results are listed with one line per slice of the stack.  The column titles have 1, 2, ... appended to differentiate between the ROIs.

Wayne's ROI manager and Multi-Measure have diverged over time.

Version 2 adds improvements by Tony Collins:

1. The ROI is restored after "Add & Draw" by adding the line:"Restore Selection"); to the end of "void add&draw()".
2. Instead of the center of each ROI being added to the list, i.e. 
        label = type+(r.x+r.width/2)+"-"+(r.y+r.height/2);
    he changed it to the ROI coordinates:
                label = type+".x"+ (r.x)+".y"+(r.y)+".w"+(r.width)+".h"+(r.height);
    (He also abbreviated the ROI type lable to R for rectangle, O for Oval, etc.)
Version 2 also adds features requested by Tony Collins:
1. The ability to toggle between these two options for the label - "coordinates" or "center". 
2. A button to "copy" the ROI list to the clipboard to paste in excel columns.
3. Keyboard commands to the buttons: <Space> for Add and <Carriage Return> for "Add + Draw"

Version 3 adds the button "Add Particles."  First perform a particle analysis (Analyze->Analyze Particles...), making sure that the option "Record Stats" in the Analyze Particles... dialog is selected.  Then choose "Add Particles" in Multi Measure.   The particles should be added to the list of ROIs.  This capability was requested by Andreas Schleifenbaum and some of the code was provided by Audrey Karperian.

Version 4 adds many enhancements from Ulrik Stervbo.  These include an ability to label ROIs and manage the labels that will be used.  Ulrik's description of the labeling function, accomplished with something called a JTable is given here.  Other changes by Ulrik include fixing a bug in the naming of .roi output files and adopting Wayne's facilities for storing multiple rois in .zip files.

Version 4 also adds a button for including slice labels in the result of Multi.  This is most useful when applying Multi to only a single slice, since the result number may differ from the slice number in that case.  The ability to apply Multi to the current slice, instead of the first slice has been added.

ImageJ can be freely downloaded from the ImageJ web site.

Versions:  0. 6/24/2002.
1. 6/26/2002 Updated to the ROI Manager in ImageJ version 1.28k to add "Add & Draw" and "Select All". 
2. 11/25/2002 Added ability to copy labels to the clipboard, alternate label format, and shortcuts.
3. 7/20/2004 Added "Add Particles."
3.1 7/21/2004 Fixed bugs noticed by Andreas Schleifenbaum.
3.2 3/12/2005 Updated "save" to use IJ.saveAs. Requires ImageJ 1.33 or later.
4 1/13/2006 Roi labels, fixed .roi name bug, .zip files, slice labels.